Our Favorite "Ha!Ha!" Moments in PE!

Kids say the funniest things............

"I'm exhausted with a capital "X"!- Timothy-1st grade
"I'm too skinny to hula hoop"-Edwin-Kindergarten
'I coulda' run faster but I didn't have my lucky underwear on today"- Abby-2nd Grade
After discusing and reviewing a lead up lesson in gymnastics,  a sweet little 6 year old boy on the front row turned to the student on his left and loudly said.."now...let's get down to the nitty-gritty".    - Cameron-Kindergarten(Maybe I reviewed too much in that lesson.)
After a student assisted me doing something , I said " Thank you for helping me, you saved my life! How will I ever repay you?"  He thoughtfully and  earnestly said,  " Well,  I've always WANTED an X-Box".   -Dalton-3rd grade
Apparently, our unit on heart health and making healthy lifestyle choices brought out some interesting comments:
Coach Boltinhouse,  a sub that day for Mr. Younts, was recounting his own personal heart attack experience to illustrate how far doctors can go to save a life after heart disease.  From the back of the group we hear "Mr. B , do YOU trust YOUR heart to Lipitor?"   -Marc-5th grade
Mrs. Kornegay was once again discussing healthy food choices.  One of her many phrases is "eat from the rainbow" , meaning eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables.  From the same 5th grade class, a student raises his hand and says "Do Skittles count"?    -Tucker-5th
We always remind our students that they should try every new skill 25 times then 25 more times before saying"I can't do it".  On this particular day,  one of our students must have been particularly moved by our speech and feeling slightly patriotic because she stood and proclaimed loudly, "I'm an AmeriCAN not an AmeriCAN'T"-Rebecca-3rd grade

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